Join Raquelle for fun, helpful and inspiring music lessons! Whether you're a child or an adult, online or in person, you will enjoy learning music with Raquelle!

Are you or your child ready to learn the piano, harp or violin? I'm here to help! 

My goal for my students is for them to love music and truly understand it, inside and out. In addition to the requisite technical skills required for each instrument, I teach a combination of traditional sight-reading and ear-training/improvisation. I want my students to not only be able to play what is on the written page, but to understand the theory that is behind what's on the page. I want them to be equally at home on or off the written sheet music.

I focus primarily on Christian, classical, and traditional music. I emphasize enjoyment, exploration and foundational understanding, not competition, pressure, or demanding performances.

I have been teaching music for 28 years and have worked with hundreds of students. I work with each student's interests and learning style and create an encouraging atmosphere that helps them thrive. I believe that students should actively look forward to their lesson! The pieces they learn should be ones that hold their interest and that they feel invested in. 

I'd love to welcome you into my studio! Please check out my violin, harp and piano pages for more information. 

Private Lessons

* $25 for a half-hour lesson 
* Weekly lessons
* Online via zoom or in person
* Introductory and Intermediate level
* Tailored to your musical needs
* Violin & harp rentals available

Good Age For Music Lessons

* I am happy to teach ages 9 and up
* No one is too old
* For those 8 years old and younger, I suggest informal musical training at home