Violin Lesson Testimonials

My daughter had shown interest in violin for a couple of years and when I saw some information on Raquelle's teaching methods, I knew we had found the right teacher for her. Raquelle helped us find the right-sized violin without even seeing my daughter, as the violin was a surprise present for Christmas. She is quick to help with any little issue we have had as we learn this new instrument! Raquelle teaches from a place of rest. She makes lessons fun and enjoyable with her encouraging and lighthearted personality and we are so grateful to have found her! In just a few months, she has my daughter transposing, playing by ear, reading music, and generally having a lot of fun with music - all the while learning what all the symbols and musical terms mean, using memory helps or funny voices. We look forward to lesson day, and "float" right out of lessons, with new songs and happy hearts! I love Raquelle's godly attitude, her attention to posture and her way of finding something wonderful about the way the song was played before she corrects the parts that were not so wonderful! She always has something new in her bag of tricks. I have learned a lot myself. My younger daughter is getting quite jealous of her sister seeming to enjoy herself so much, and has made it clear she would like to have lessons with Miss Raquelle too! I am very thankful to have found Raquelle. She is one in a million!
M.B., mother of elementary-aged student

I'm a student of Miss Raquelle and she is the most amazingly awesome teacher there could be. I've had many other teachers, but none understand as fully as to what each student prefers to play and learn. She's very funny, but has a good focus on the music as well. I can't imagine taking from anyone else! :D
H.C., teenage student

Raquelle is a great teacher. She's knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, and she makes music fun. She never makes me feel like I'm lacking or not up to par. She has introduced me to several different kinds of music, so the study has never been boring. She plays with me sometimes and makes the music sound so good. It inspires me to try to attain a higher level. I enjoy my lessons very much and they are an important part of my life.
S.H., senior adult student

Our family LOVES Raquelle. She has taught my daughters both violin and piano. She is professional in her approach to music lessons and also fun at the same time.
B.C., mother of three students

My daughter expressed a great interest in learning to play the violin and my only reservation was the ability to find a teacher that my daughter would enjoy. My daughter learns better from praise and encouragement than she does from rigid tactics. I searched and found Raquelle. I discussed her learning style with Raquelle, who was not only willing to listen but to implement this. I sat in for the first lesson and was so happy that the lesson began with a short prayer. My daughter not only enjoys the violin lessons but wants to practice in order to show Raquelle what she has mastered each week.
A.H., mother of elementary-aged student

I have been taking violin from Raquelle for 3 years. I am happy to say that not only is she my music teacher, but she is also my friend. She is always kind and never criticizes harshly, even when I play something wrong. She is a wonderful teacher. I've learned so much in the past few years, and I can't imagine having anyone else as a teacher.
J.S., teenage student

We just recently moved to the upstate and wanted our daughter to continue taking violin lessons. We found Raquelle's website and were excited. We had seen other options for lessons out there but were impressed with what she had to offer, even though we'd have to travel a little over a half an hour each way because we live on the opposite side of town. It has been well over six months now that our daughter has been taking violin lessons from Raquelle and we are more than satisfied! Our daughter feels comfortable with Raquelle yet challenged to learn more. She looks forward to each lesson and admires her teacher. Raquelle has a special way to connect and inspire her students!
J.G., mother of a student

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