Piano Lesson Testimonials

Our daughter K. has taken lessons from Raquelle for approximately six years. Each week K. looks forward to piano day. Raquelle's style of teaching brings fun to learning. I say this because she has always been open to teaching the music that K. is interested in learning to play. This has helped K. to stay excited about piano. Every new song that she gets to choose to play is a new goal that she can't wait to conquer. Every week Raquelle opens her lesson with a short prayer. K. loves the time she gets to spend with her joyful, light-hearted piano teacher. Not only is K. doing great in piano, but she is also getting an excellent example and testimony of a teacher who has a heart for her students, her teaching and for Christ.
~W.R., mother of a student

Raquelle does an excellent job in teaching our children to enjoy playing the piano. She has very good rapport with them and makes their lessons fun. I appreciate the way she uses a combination of music theory and ear training. She is always available to give me feedback about how our children are doing. We feel very blessed to have her as our piano teacher! So many times, I think about the unresolved issues in my life (like...is this the best math program, how am I going to get art into their homeschooling, how in the world can they learn everything they need to learn and how do I figure all that out...?) Thankfully, my choice of a music teacher is not one of those issues!
~C.H., mother of two students

Raquelle has been an answer to my prayers. She teaches my daughter with the exact proportion of technique, sight-reading, and hymn-playing that I feel will make her a well rounded pianist. I encourage anyone interested in having their child taught by a godly, talented, patient teacher to contact Raquelle!
~C.B., mother of a student

We thank the Lord for our daughter's first year of piano instruction with Raquelle Sheen. We could not be more pleased with the content and method of Miss Sheen's instruction - it is professional and of the highest quality. But what makes Miss Sheen an outstanding teacher in our minds is her easygoing style and friendly rapport with her students, which motivates and encourages them to do their best. We wholeheartedly recommend Miss Sheen.
~The W. Family

I hated music lessons as a child because, frankly, they were boring. I continued because I had great parents who told me I would use my music some day. Eventually I discovered that there was such a thing as music theory. I actually enjoyed that, because it helped music make sense. Then - my favorite - I discovered that you could train your ear to hear something and play it! Of course, you had to have all that music theory in your head in order to make it sound good.

I wanted my son to learn the same things, but I didn't want him to have the dry old only-learn-to-sight-read teacher. Then the Lord led us to Raquelle Sheen. She explained how she believes in training in all three areas - sight reading, ear training and music theory. She told us about delight-directed training, where you teach a subject as much as possible in areas that will delight the student. Wow, we couldn't ask for more! The past few years we have been using Raquelle as a teacher have been a joy to us and to our son. He loves to play the piano and his love is even wearing off on his 4 year old sister!
~M.H., father of a student

My two daughters, ages 10 and 11, have been taking piano lessons from Raquelle Sheen for over a year now. In the past year I have seen two positive changes in my daughters. First, both girls have made progress in their ability to play the piano! Raquelle introduced the girls to the piano in a very positive way. She was not pushy with them and did not make practice hard or "not fun."

Second, and most important, the girls have developed a love for playing the piano! Raquelle had stated from the beginning that this was a goal she had for all her students. Well, the blessing is that I do not have to beg the girls to practice. What I find now is that the girls not only do their daily practice, but they just go to the piano throughout the day to "play" on the piano. They are no longer simply interested in practicing, but they now enjoy exploring the piano on their own as well. I believe this can only be attributed to Raquelle's teaching ability. 

Raquelle is very relaxed with the girls during their lessons. She encourages them in such a positive way that both of my girls look forward to meeting with Raquelle each week. Not a single time in the past year have either of them not wanted to attend a lesson!

I feel very fortunate that the girls have such a positive role model in Raquelle. They will not only be blessed to be able to play the piano, but the girls will grow up to enjoy the instrument for many years to come.
~M.P., mother of two students 

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