Harp Lesson Testimonials

Miss Heather is a wonderful harp teacher. She is very flexible and very willing to adapt to each student on his or her level. When I first got my harp, we were unable to do face-to-face lessons, so we did lessons via Skype. She is the best harp teacher ever.
~ Jennifer, college student

I am a member of a harp circle along with two experienced harpist, one of whom has been a harp teacher.  They have pronounced Heather as "The Gold Standard" of harp teachers.  They will often ask me to ask Heather what she thinks about specific topics so I can report back to the group.

When I first began to play the harp I couldn't even read music. She has worked with me diligently, patiently, and creatively to nudge me onwards and upward.  She asked what I wanted to play and I replied "Pachelbel's Cannon."  Heather sat down and arranged a super easy version that I can play.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered such a talented, patient, and innovative teacher.  I drive a little over an hour for my lessons, but I have learned it is better to drive further for a superior teacher than to settle for a closer, less qualified instructor.
~ Elaine, adult student

I have been taking harp lessons from Heather for over 3 years now and it has truly been a delight. I always look forward to the lessons for many reasons. First is her knowledge of music theory and the harp are unsurpassed. Heather is a very gifted harpist and teacher. She is very patient, encouraging and always makes the lessons fun. When I started taking lessons, I barely knew what notes the strings were and now 3 years later, I am able to play at an intermediate level. You or your child will not be disappointed in choosing Heather for your  harp instructor.
~ Geoff, adult student

Heather Sheen has been my harp teacher for about 4 years. I have learned every thing I know about the harp from Heather. I find my harp lessons to be much fun and I look forward to my lessons. We always start with a prayer. I have learned to stretch before starting to play and this has been a great help in loosening up. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to play the harp.
~ Mary, adult student

Heather is a super harp teacher; she individualizes my lessons according to my strengths and weaknesses and addresses both as I learn my harp.  She also includes music theory so I experience the whole music picture. If you’re looking for a good grade she can be bribed with chocolates! (Just kidding)
~ Francis, adult student