Harp Teaching Method

I believe that music is a language. My goal for each harp student is to teach them to read, play, and compose in the language of music.

Speaking the language
I teach my students proper playing technique, discussing both hand and body position. I work with them to achieve the full range of musical dynamics and help them play each piece as it should be interpreted. My goal is for each student to communicate effectively with his or her music.

Reading the language
Good sight reading is important for any musician to learn. I teach my students techniques of chord recognition, reading by intervals, and interpreting chord symbols as well as reading traditional harp music.

Writing the language
I encourage all of my students to arrange, compose and improvise on written music. I work with them to learn chord theory, basic backgrounds, and harmonization. My goal is for my students to take these building blocks of music and use them to communicate their own musical language to others.

I believe music was meant for communication and blessing. Therefore, I encourage my students to perform in meaningful ways, such as playing for church or a nursing home. Rather than the stress of recitals, I prefer instead to help my students prepare music for venues that focus on others.

I am happy to work with your interests and select music that you will enjoy playing. Having used and reviewed several harp curricula, I recommend for beginning students Sylvia Woods' Teach Yourself To Play Folk Harp. Other harp books can be chosen on an as-needed basis.